Demo Reel


Official ZBrush LIVE Streamer
I have had the privilege to be an official ZBrush LIVE streamer since 2018.  Check out some of those past streams and more at [THIS LINK]

ZBrush Summit 2018 Presentation
I was privileged with the opportunity to participate as a presenter with my mentor Zack Petroc in the 2018 ZBrush Summit.  I created a character following Zack's art direction for a story pitch of one of his original ideas.

Banpresto World Figure Colosseum (One Piece)
This competition was all about the full production process.  I was one of six artists invited to participate in creating a collectible statue from concept to paints based on the characters of the OnePiece universe.

3D World Magazine (2017)
Because of my involvement in Beta Testing ZBrush 4R8, I and the other beta testers were featured in Issue 225 of 3D World Magazine.

Creative Bloq : Review: ZBrush 4R8
The writers at Creative Bloq reached out to me once ZBrush 4R8 came out to feature my FishBot images with their article in review of the new version of ZBrush.  View it [HERE].

ZBrush Beta Tester Gallery : ZBrush 4R8
As participants, we were asked to post renders and bits from our experience with the new software.  You can view my post in the gallery [HERE].

ZBrush Summit - Sculpt-Off and ZBrush Gallery (2016)
It was an honor for me to be involved in the most prominent sculpting competition at the ZBrush Summit.  I participated on the hard surface sculpting challenge, and though I didn't win, I was able to turn out a scavenger robot that grabbed people's attention for it's personality, design and character.  You can see the piece [HERE].

New York Times Magazine :  (2013)
In 2013, many of us from the BYU Animation Program were asked to participate in a highlight in the NYT Magazine.  We were asked to create caricatures of ourselves and to make posters out of them for a photo-shoot.  This was a fun opportunity as we were able to highlight the top-tier animation program as well as represent the values that BYU stands for.  You can read the article [HERE].